The ClojureDays Foundation Policy Plan 2020

We started the ClojureDays foundation to ensure the continuity of the yearly, free, Dutch Clojure Days conference.

I’ve been involved in organizing the conference for the last 5 years, and it’s been extremely fun and rewarding work to create an educational and social event for an international group of people who may know each other by their online work but who generally have very little face-to-face time.

I’m proud of the fact that thanks to our hospitable volunteers, generous sponsors and entertaining speakers the quality of the conference has been improving every year while keeping the conference 100% free.

In creating the foundation we established an independent entity that will support the conference going further and can expand into more community-oriented activities.

– Joost Diepenmaat, treasurer


This policy plan spans the first financial year, november 2019 till december 2020.

Mission, vision and strategy

We support the computer programmer community worldwide, our main focus is on the community surrounding the Clojure programming language in the Netherlands.

We aim to achieve the goal by organising and supporting conferences, meetups, workshops, development of open source software libraries and other related activities.

Current situation, activities

Establishment end of 2019

In november 2019, we established the foundation.

ClojureDays 2020 conference

We will organize the Dutch Clojure Days 2020 annual conference to be held in may 2020. The conference will host about 150 people and will be free of charge for attendees.

Organisation info


Stichting ClojureDays. Also known as ClojureDays Foundation.


Amersfoort, The Netherlands


RSIN 860666554


KVK 76542319



Stichting ClojureDays
Edisonstraat 4
3817 VN
The Netherlands


Board members

The foundation is managed by a board comprising three people:

Board members volunteer their time and receive only compensation for reasonable expenses made doing their work for the foundation.

The foundation employs no people.

Finances & Funding

To finance the conference and other activities we’re attracting corporate sponsors who will provide funds in exchange for exposure to the Clojure programming community.

Based on our data from the previous conferences we expect costs for the 2020 conference to be €16,000 - €20,000 euros all in.

We aim to keep the remaining amount of funds, about €5,000 depending on sponsoring details and expenses, for foundation operating costs (mostly infrastructure and administration costs) and general reserves for next year’s conference if sponsoring brings in less than expected.

The first fiscal year will run from november 2019 till 31 december 2020. We will provide a financial report within 6 months after the end of the fiscal year.

After 2020

We plan to organize another Dutch Clojure Days conference in 2021.